Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Try Outs

Ever since Monday i have been at basketball tryouts only 11 people were there for 8th grade because of soccer and cross country.(on monday) IT WASNT EVEN HALF OF WHAT WE DID LAST YEAR IN PRACTICE!!!! And the 7th graders were dieing some puked! Because they thought it was going to be easy? I dont think they get that when they dont run we run more and more and still some more. But still they dont run hmmm....well we were pissed!!!! anyway well..ha. So my couch thinks that im the "odd ball" of the 8th grade. Juss because i can walk with my ankles tuching the ground inside and out. And im the fastest, i can tuch my toe to my shin...and how am i the odd ball?

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