Sunday, November 28, 2010

Making bows

           So it has been a while since i have posted because...well there is nothing really new (i made the team btw) but the other day my mom was looking at bows and tryin to make a bunch of different ones. (if you know of any sites for her please comment) so i was bored and didnt want to do the dishes so i decided to try out making one. I started out with a simple bow called "basic bountique bow" my mom had to explain the steps to me because i'm a little slow.
              How to Make a Basic Bountique Bow
 1. I started out with a black ribbon about 14 inches long.
 2.cut 2 triangles in the ends.
            A. burn the ends so it won't come undone.
3. rap the ribbon around 3 fingers slightly spred apart.
4. slick a pin through the middle.
            A.spred the loops and 2 tails however you want it.
5. get thred and starting from the bottom go up, down, up, down.
         A. pull it all the way through.
         B. pull it tight so it makes a ripple in the middle of the bow.
6. rap the extra thred around the bow (keeping it tight)
7. push the needle under the thred that is rapped around the bow do this 2 times. cut the extra string.
8. cut a short peice of a 1/4" ribbon
9. rap this around the bow hot glueing as you go and stick a bobby pin through or
               A. you can hot glue your bow to a clippy and rap ribbon around inside cippy and bow (cut any extra strings, ribbon that you dont want)
                                                 then you are DONE!!!!

                                          Hope You Like Your Bow(:

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